Personalized Mini-Totes

This craft project can be completed in the first ½ hour of the party and it should be ready to take home at the end.

Purchase or make plain fabric 6” x 8” drawstring or mini-tote bags. Insert a piece of waxed paper in the opening to protect the other side of the bag.

Have a variety of rubber stamps available. Place small amounts of fabric paint in tin pie plates so the stamps can be dipped into the paint. If not using rubber stamps, have a variety of fabric paints with fine tips. You may also want to have small paint brushes and stencils.

Each child receives 1 bag to decorate how they wish. Let the bags dry while enjoying the rest of the party.

Before the children go home, fill the bag with goodies and candies. The children have a bag they created themselves that can be reused again and again.

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